I express my thanks and appreciation to the following for encouragement, support, and inspiration, and without whom the achievements would not have been made –

  • Mr D. Hall – for inspiring teaching in the 6th form at Roundhay School
  • UK government – for a Scholarship to attend the University of Leeds
  • Prof G. B. Cook, University of Leeds – for an inspiring course in my undergraduate final year on “Numerical Computation” that started my interest in computing-

  • Prof M. Wells – for an inspiring course in Algol 60 at the start of graduate school at the University of Leeds-

  • Dr D. Holdsworth, University of Leeds – for excellent supervision of my PhD work and thesis

(another pioneer – )

  • Dr J. E. Bresenham – for invitations to give seminars at IBM in the UK and USA

  • Prof Robert G. Tobey, Prof Y. P. Chi, Prof James D. Foley – for invitations to Visiting Professorships at Illinois Institute of Technology,  Northwestern Polytechnical University, China, and George Washington University, USA, respectively

  •  University of Leeds – for granting me leave of absence (without pay) to accept a number of invitations to remunerated Visiting Professorships at IIT and GWU, USA and NPU, China
  • Noel Peare and Joyce Peare, Illinois, USA for hospitality and help and advice on the USA during my visits to Illinois Institute of Technology in the 1970s and 1981.  Also Julio Scaramastro Snr for help and advice on the USA
  • Dr John J. Singer Jnr and Naomi Singer, New Hampshire, USA – for help and advice on matters in the USA
  • Prof T. L. Kunii, University of Tokyo, Aizu University and Morpho Inc – for invitations to Japan – and help and strategic advice on international developments and priorities

  • Prof Don Rimmington, University of Leeds, for help and advice prior to a month’s visit to China in 1984 to give a series of Invited Lectures at Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xian
  • Prof D. F. Rogers, US Naval Academy – for collaboration on 4 book projects, 1986-93

  •  Prof J. Vince, Bournemouth University, UK – for collaboration on 15 book projects, 1995-2012

  • Prof N. Negroponte, MIT Media Lab, USA – for inspiring lectures on digital media

  •  Prof E. Flerackers, University of Hasselt, Belgium, for first interesting me in the potential for European grant funding, and for the collaboration on the first successful proposal (VISINET)

  •  Mr A. B. Haigh, University of Leeds  – for excellent collaboration and support on numerous digital media and European projects
  • Dr R. Bishop, former President of Silicon Graphics Inc, USA – for his personal support of a number of graphics and visualization projects, and international events

  • University of Bradford – for giving excellent support for the expansion of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and research in the areas of computer science, digital media, and media, 1995-2007
  • Prof C. Mellors, Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Bradford – for help and support in my role as Dean of the School of Informatics

  • Mr M. de Silva – for consultancy to the School of Informatics, University of Bradford

  • Dr Vint Cerf, Google – for an inspirational lecture course on “The Internet Lightbulb” at the University of Manchester

  • Prof P. S. Excell, Gyndwr University – for excellent support as Associate Dean (Research), School of Informatics, University of Bradford, 2004-07

  • Prof C. M. Taylor, Vice-Chancellor, University of Bradford – for giving excellent leadership and support for my role as Pro Vice-Chancellor 2004-07

  • Successive Editors in Chief of IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications – for excellent inspiration and support (and some memorable dinners in Ann Arbor, Los Angeles, Richland, and Vancouver)

  • Numerous funding agencies and grant awarding bodies for providing grants following  peer review
  • And by no means least – my parents, and Ms F. Johnson, and Ms M. Anderson for help and support