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Visit of Jim Foley and Jose Encarnacao – 3 October 2012


Banquet – 28 March 2012


International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP), Austria

Award of IFIP Silver Core, 24 September 2010


Celebration of 50 years of Computing at the University of Leeds – 30 March 2007 –

Lunch in the University Great Hall

Front left to front right: Tony McCann, Phil Hobley, Rosemary Abdo, Mike Wells, Rae Earnshaw, Robert Dewar, Colin Coghill, Jon Duke, Adrian Hock, Tony Denson.
Robert Dewar is at New York University and is President and CEO of AdaCore

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University Degree Ceremony December 2005

Left to right – Professor Jeff Lucas (Deputy Vice-Chancellor), Professor Phil Coates (Pro Vice-Chancellor), Professor Geoff Layer (Pro Vice-Chancellor), Imran Khan (Chancellor), Professor Rae Earnshaw (Pro Vice-Chancellor)

Leadership Foundation graduation and certificate of appreciation, 25 November 2005

Presentation from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA

Presentation to Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Bell, 28 March 2001 (a jazz enthusiast!)

(left to right) Prof Rae Earnshaw, Prof Jim Alty (University of Loughborough), and Vice-Chancellor, Prof Colin Bell

Banquet with Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Bell, University of Bradford, 28 March 2001

(left to right)

Vice-Chancellor Prof Colin Bell, Alan Waton (Pro Vice-Chancellor), Dr Dave Jerwood (Head of Maths Dept), Prof Jim Alty (Loughborough University), Mr Phil Davies (Deputy Head of Dept of Computing), Dr John Baruch (Head of Dept of Cybernetics), Bill Boffin (Chair, Industrial Advisory Board, and Director of Enterprise and Innovation), Dr Dimitrios Rigas (Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching), Prof Demetres Kouvatsos (Head of Dept of Computing), Prof Peter Excell (Associate Dean, Research), Mohan de Silva (Chief Executive, Wakefield First, and member of Industrial Advisory Board), Rae Earnshaw (Dean of School).

Left to right – Prof Frank van Reeth (Deputy Director, Expertise Centre for Digital Media), Prof Eddy Flerackers (Director, Expertise Centre for Digital Media), Jim Thomas (Chief Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Lab), Prof Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann (University of Geneva), Prof Daniel Thalmann (EPFL), Prof Norman Badler (University of Pennsylvania), Prof Charles Sandbank (DTI), Prof Bob Hopgood (Oxford Brookes University), Roy Middleton (University of Edinburgh), Prof Heather Brown (University of Kent), Prof Huw Jones (Middlesex University), Dr Janice Webster (Teesside University), Prof Rae Earnshaw

International Conference on “Digital Media Futures”, 13-15 April 1999, National Media Museum, Bradford, UK

Invited Speakers –

Prof Norman Badler (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Prof Heather Brown (University of Kent, UK)

Prof Mikael Jern (Vice-President, AVS, Denmark)

Prof Daniel Thalmann (EPFL, Switzerland)

Jim Thomas (Chief Scientist, Battelle Pacific Northwest Labs, USA)

Prof Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Dr Eric Badiqué (European Commission, Brussels)

Ms Janice Webster (Director, Virtual Reality Centre, University of Teesside, UK)



International Conference on “Digital Convergence”, 22-23 April 1998, National Media Museum, Bradford, UK

Invited Speakers –

Professor Dr Jose Encarnacao (Fraunhofer IGD, Germany)

Professor Charles Sandbank (DTI, UK)

Mr David Leevers (BICC, UK)

Prof Peter Gibbins (Digital VCE, UK)

Professor Marc Cavazza (University of Bradford, UK)

Dr Mikael Jern (AVS/UNIRAS, Denmark)

Professor Steve Molyneux (University of Wolverhampton, UK)

Presentation to the Vice-Chancellor, Professor David Johns CBE, University of Bradford by Rae Earnshaw, 1997

Banquet, EIMC Industrial Advisory Board, 1997

(left to right)

Rae Earnshaw, Mike Smith, Dick Hazlehurst, Bill Boffin, Tony Sweeney, Amanda Nevill, Vice-Chancellor Prof David Johns CBE

Tony Sweeney is now the Chief Executive of the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne –

Amanda Nevill is now Director of the British Film Institute –

Professor David Johns CBE is Director of DJJ Associates –

Left to right – Prof Charles Sandbank (DTI), Prof Daniel Thalmann (EPFL), Mr Joao Mena de Matos (EDC), Dr Larry Rosenblum (Naval Research Lab), Dr Mikael Jern (Linkoping University), Prof Brenda Costall (Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Bradford), Prof Rae Earnshaw, Prof John Vince (University of Bournemouth), Prof Colin Mellors (Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Bradford), Prof Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann (University of Geneva), Prof Patrick Purcell (Imperial College), Prof Brian Wyvill (University of Calgary), Prof David Johns CBE (Vice-Chancellor, University of Bradford)

International Conference on “Virtual Worlds on the Internet”, 14-17 April 1997, National Media Museum, Bradford, UK

Invited Speakers –

Prof Patrick Purcell (Imperial College, UK)

Mr Tom Evans (CITE, UK)

Prof Brian Wyvill (University of Calgary, Canada)

Mr David Leevers (BICC, UK)

Dr Larry J. Rosenblum (Naval Research Lab, USA)

Mr Joao Mena de Matos (EDC, Netherlands)

Prof Nadia Magnenat Thalmann (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Dr Mikael Jern (Vice-President, AVS/UNIRAS, Denmark), now Professor at Linkoping University, Sweden

Left to right – Dr Larry Rosenblum (NRL), Prof Brian Wyvill (University of Calgary), Prof Jack Bresenham (Winthrop University)

International Conference on “Visualization and Modelling”, 5-7 December 1995, Leeds, UK

Invited Speakers –

Dr. Lawrence J. Rosenblum, Naval Research Laboratory, USA

Ms Judy R. Brown, University of Iowa, USA

Professor Jack E. Bresenham, Winthrop University, USA

Professor Brian Wyvill, University of Calgary, Canada

At CG International 1995, Leeds, UK

(left to right)

Prof Sung Yong Shin (KAIST), Prof Nick Patrikalakis (MIT), Prof Tosiyasu L. Kunii (Japan), Prof Rae A. Earnshaw (University of Leeds)

Award of Honorary Fellowship by the British Computer Society, 7 September 1994

Office of Naval Research (ONR) Data Visualization Workshop, July 6-8, 1993, Fraunhofer IGD, Germany.  Chair: Lawrence J. Rosenblum

Published in IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, Vol 14, No2, pp 61-85

and in “Scientific Visualization – Advances and Challenges”, Academic Press, 1994 (see above book list)

ACM Siggraph Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics, 29 March – 1 April 1992, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Program Co-Chairs: Marc Levoy, Ed Catmull,  Symposium Chair: David Zeltzer.  Charles River in the background.

Publication of the 2nd edition of “Fundamental Algorithms for Computer Graphics”, 1991

(left to right)

Prof Mike Pitteway (Brunel University), Roy Middleton University of Edinburgh), Lesley Carpenter (NAG Ltd), Bob Parslow (Brunel University), Richard Guedj (INT), Frances Johnson (University of Leeds), Derrick Grover (BTG), Gerhard Rossbach (Springer), Prof John Lansdown (Middlesex University), Prof Jack Bresenham (Winthrop University), Dr Rae Earnshaw (University of Leeds)

Where it all began – one of the first stored program computers – EDSAC 1 – at the University of Cambridge, UK.