Journal Publications

(From 1995 onwards – most recent publications at the top)


  • Fotouhi-Ghazvini F., R. A. Earnshaw, A. Moeini, D. Robison, P. S. Excell (2011), “From E-Learning to M-Learning – the use of Mixed Reality Games as a New Educational Paradigm”, International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (IJIM), Vol 5, No 2, pp17-25, 2011, ISSN: 1865-7923.  doi:10.3991/ijim.v5i2.160.
  • Fotouhi-Ghazvini F., Earnshaw R.A., Robison D. and Excell P.S. P.S.(2009): “The MOBO City: A Mobile Game Package for Technical Language Learning” International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies, ISSN 1865-7923, 3 (2): 19-24.
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  • Brown J.R., van Dam A., Earnshaw R.A., Encarnacao J.L. and Guedj R.A. (1999): “Human-Centered Computing, Online Communities and Virtual Environments” ACM SIGCHI Interactions6 (5): 6.


Edited or Co-Edited Special issues of IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications –


  • Computer Graphics in Rapid Prototyping Technology, Vol 15, No 6, 1995

  • 3D and Multimedia on the Information Superhighway, Vol 17, No 2, 1997

  • Computer Animation for Virtual Humans, Vol 18, No 5, 1998

  • Discovering the Unexpected, Vol 27, No 5, 2007